Eric Fingar

I am student at Clarkson University, with a strong interest in cyber security and cloud computing. I am persuing math and buisness minors as well as more certifications for cyber security.

My certifications


AWS certified cloud practitioner

• Familiarity with deoploying AWS EC2 instances, S3 Buckets, EFS & EBS, IAM, ECS, Lambda, ect.

• Basic deployment of code using ElasticBeanstalk, CodeDeploy, CodeCommit, and CodePipeline across multiple AWS regions.

• Hands on experience creating security policies for IAM and WAF.

• Understanding how the AWS security suite of tools SHIELD, KMS & CloudHSM, Macie, Security Hub, Amazon Detective, Artifact, Guard Duty, and Secrets Manager all work together.

Foundational level CTI analyst

• Introduction to cyber threat intelligence roles and responsibility.

• Overview of common threat actors, threat vectors, attack surfaces, and insight into motication intent and capability of different attackers

• Understanding of the structured framework of direction, collection, analysis, and dissemination of information about potential cyber threats

• Insight into legal and ethical aspects of cyber threat intelligence



3 years experience in school labs + projects.


2 years experience in school + Discord chatbot personal project.


2 years experience in school + work experience creating android recipe app.


Understanding of AWS rescources and operations in the cloud.


Experience with linux and windows VM creation and use.

Work Experience

Backend Developer

Clarkson University Potsdam, NY
1/2023 - Present

• Developed backend of food recipe application based on android studio using Google Firebase and SQL databases.

• Worked in small teams for the planning and production of the application over 3 months.

• Held client meetings to understand requirements and stretch goals with follow ups to ensure satisfaction of the product.

Event Server

Belhurst Castle Geneva, NY
6/2019 - 8/2022

• Set up and prepared event spaces to ensure a visually appealing and comfortable dining experience for guests throughout the night.

• Used customer service skills by addressing guest questions and concerns and ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable experience for average of 200+ attendees.

• Work serving food, bartending, and breaking down event spaces after each event.

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